50000 kms

I bought the car 2 days ago because i wanted to send it to my country for a year or two use it there and bring it back. Unfortunately it turned out only citizens are allowed to do that. I dont use a car in doha because i am almost never here. I dont need the car and it is a great car if you stay in doha you would be lucky to use it. 

I did get the car checks before buying. Everything works great eng perf was 97%. There are few paints here and there as any second hand car. I have all previous check records of the car in it also, previous owner took it to the service on time and did the last service at 45000 km. The car is now in a closed parking lot, i am planing on using it in doha when i am here until it is sold. 

If you can send a whatsapp messg i will return to you asap. 

Price is slightly negotiable.

Whatsapp: +905071912748

QAR 69000